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Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month, not including December. The meetings are currently held at the McShane office in West Bloomfield. Since all Board meetings are held in executive session, a co-owner wishing to bring an issue before the Board in person needs to make arrangements in advance.

NOTE: The files below are in PDF format and will open fine on your computer and tablet (with a PDF reader).  However, they may not re-size properly on a phone.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting, required by the governing documents and Michigan’s Corporation Law is held in September of each year. At that time, annual reports are presented to the membership, and directors are elected.

2019 Annual Meeting (PDF)

2018 Annual Meeting (PDF)

2017 Annual Meeting (PDF)

2016 Annual Meeting (PDF)

2015 Annual Meeting (PDF)

2014 Annual Meeting Presentation (PDF)

2013 Annual Meeting Presentation (PDF)

2012 Annual Meeting Presentation (PDF)

2011 Annual Meeting Presentation (PDF)


Spring Membership Meeting

A general meeting of the members of River Pines is held in May of each year. At the meeting, the Board and committees bring the members up-to-date regarding the issues of the association.

2019 Spring Meeting (PDF)

2018 Spring Meeting (PDF)

2017 Spring Meeting (PDF)

2016 Spring Meeting (PDF)

2015 Spring Meeting Presentation (PDF)

2014 Spring Meeting Presentation (PDF)

2013 Spring Meeting Presentation (PDF)

2012 Spring Meeting Presentation (PDF)

2011 Spring Meeting Presentation (PDF)