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The Importance of Volunteerism

P9150020Just as in city government (Library Boards, School Boards, etc.) participation by serving on a committee is a part of condominium living, just as is serving on the Board of Directors. The pay is poor (zero) but those who volunteer and serve the Association gain a sense of satisfaction for lending a hand in their home community. The very essence of self government in a condominium is volunteerism.

The annual election of the Directors should have one hundred percent participation. In order for official business (such as the elections) to be held, at least thirty-five percent 35% of all co-owners qualified to vote must be in attendance in person, written ballot or by proxy.

Eligible co-owners are asked each year to cast ballots for the volunteer candidates running for the Board. Our Annual Meeting should be well attended. It is held only once a year, the third Tuesday of September. Please be sure to attend this important event!