Effective Communication

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All communications to the Board must be signed by the co-owner or lessee. Condominium living is somewhat like an old fashioned marriage–for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health—it may take some adjusting, some give and take, to accept the fact that your co-owners/neighbors not only can, but will insist on such things as keeping your garage door closed, refraining from parking in other than designated areas, refraining from allowing pets run loose, and obtaining approval to modify the exterior of a unit or the adjacent common grounds, etc.

We hold two membership meetings every year; the Annual Meeting in September and a Town Hall Meeting each May. At these meetings you can expect to receive updated information on a variety of topics. You may also express your questions and concerns at these meetings. Additionally, co-owners desiring to meet with the Board will generally be accommodated provided reasonable advance notice is given. The Association also publishes a seasonal (quarterly) newsletter to foster good communications. Co-owners may also obtain information by accessing the Association’s website at www.riverpinescondominiums.com.