Master Deed and Bylaws

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The Condominium Bylaws are recorded along with the Master Deed as its Exhibit A. This document serves as the corporation’s bylaws and it covers a host of topics needed for the orderly administration of the shared ownership interests of the co-owners.

The Condominium Bylaws are attached to the Master Deed

The Michigan Condominium Act and the By-Laws of the Association state that the Board of Directors shall have all powers and duties necessary for the administration of the affairs of the Association including the making of policies, new rules and regulations in accordance with Article VI, Section 10 of the River Pines of Farmington Condominium Association By-Laws. Changes can only be made by a 2/3 vote of all co-owners. Policies and new rules are decided by the Board and may be changed by the Board at any time.

The Condominium Bylaws are attached to the PDF copy of the Master Deed

A PDF copy of the Bylaws is available, as well as a MS Word version

1st Amendment to Consolidating Master Deed:  PDF Version

2nd Amendment to Consolidating Master Deed  PDF Version