Rules & Regulations

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In addition to the restrictions set forth in the Condominium Bylaws at its Article VI, the Board has the legal authority to adopt and publish additional rules and regulations. They have essentially the same legal force and effect as the restrictions in the Condominium Bylaws and violations are subject to all of the Association’s remedies as set forth in Article XVII of the Condominium Bylaws.

Rules and Regulations (top)

Plantings (June 2016)

Decorations and use of the common element (December 2017)

Unit modifications and improvements (April 2008)

Interior modification policy (December 2011)

Awning installation (December 2011)

Window tinting (December 2017)

Satellite dish installations (December 2017)

Deck / patio construction and maintenance (December 2017)

Hot tub / spa installations (December 2010)

Yard lights (June 2015)

Security (December 2011)

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Grilling on porches and decks (January 2015)

Winterization (October 2015)

Porch maintenance and / or replacement (December 2011)

Front door and door wall maintenance policy (July 2004)

Garage door repair / replacement policy (January 2004)

Window / doorwall replacements (December 2005)

Screen repair and / or replacement (December 2005)

Basement drywall repair or replacement policy (June 2015)

Sewer backup policy (December 2011)

Co-owner facilities or equipment policy (August 2004)

Hiring contractors (August 2007)

Pets (December 2011)

Trash and recycling (December 2017)

Holiday decorations (June 2016)

Garage, estate, and moving sales (December 2011)

Dumpsters (August 2018)

Vehicles and parking (December 2017)

Walking paths (June 1994)

Mail station signs, notices, advertisements (June 2005)

Resale procedures (June 2016)

Leasing procedures (December 2010)

Conflicts of interest (June 2015)

Emergency unit entry by Association (December 2010)

Association records access (December 2010)

Financial planning (December 2010)

Investment policy (June 2015)

Compliance policy and fines (June 2016)

Delinquency policy (March 2011)

Storm doors and other additions by co-owners that are exempted from prior approval (June 2016)