River Pines is a beautiful 96 acre community of 355 single-family condominium homes consisting of 110 detached units and 245 units in three- and four-unit buildings.  The site is located in Farmington Hills, MI at the intersection of Nine Mile Rd. and Drake.

From the President


  • September 29, 2016

    Greetings River Piners, and thank you to all of the co-owners who attended our annual meeting last week. If you missed the meeting, the presentation is posted here on our web site, through the menus: About River Pines / Board-Owner Communication / Association Meetings. We hope that the information presented is interesting and worthwhile. Thanks also to the six co-owners who ran for the three open Board positions that were to be filled in this year’s election. Congratulations to Joyce Brandemihl, on her re-election to the Board, and to the two new Board members, Mark Laktzian and Mike Reilly.

    At the Association meeting we reviewed briefly the discovery of some errors in the calculation of co-owner per cent of ownership. These errors are not large, bu they are noticeable and it is in our interest to make the necessary corrections. We expect to have all of the work done on time to start 2017 with a correct set of dues calculations. The next issue of the print Newsletter will include complete details on the errors and their corrections.

    Your new Board has already met, and the election of officers resulted in the existing President, Treasurer, and Secretary continuing in those positions. Your new Vice President is Mark Laktzian. At the Board meeting we also approved the contract for the asphalt crack sealing to be done this year, and the renewal of the Association insurance policy.

  • August 29, 2016

    Greetings River Piners. The Board meeting last week included some routine business and a spirited discussion of governing procedures. We also reviewed topics to discuss at next month’s Association meeting. At that meeting, we’ll have the usual reports on committee activities and long-term projects, as well as some discussion of a few unusual topics: the property boundary of River Pines, for one, and the discovery of a modest assortment of small errors in the calculation of co-owner per cent of ownership, for another.

    The terms of three Board members are ending, and at the Association meeting we’ll have elections to fill those positions. One of the three Board members reaching the end of her term is Jan Hall, who has served six continuous years on the Board and is thus not allowed to run for re-election at this time; those six years are in addition to a previous six years on the Board, with three as President. I’d like to join you in thanking Jan for her considerable work for and contributions to River Pines.

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Around River Pines

  • Spring is in Full Swing – Summer is fast approaching.  It’s time to review the new landscaping guidelines and take the necessary action to be in compliance.
  • Ice Dams – As we move into February and March, this is the time we see ice dams form on some units.  The freezing and thawing weather causes this condition and it can damage the roof of your unit and cause leaks.  If you see heavy icicle’s building up around your gutters, give Bob Goodman 248-756-3888 or Greg 734-323-7594 a call and let them know.

Coming Events

  • Annual Meeting – The 2017 River Pines Annual Meeting will be held on September 20, 2017 at the Costick Center.  We will be electing new board members.  Please put this date on your calendar and plan to attend.
  • Board Meeting – The next Board meeting will be on Tuesday, November 29th; this is a week later than usual, due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • River Pines Breakfast – The River Pines  breakfast is scheduled for first Saturday of every month, 10:00 am at Kerby’s Coney Island 21200 Haggarty Road in Northville.  See you there.  
  • 2017 Spring Information Meeting – The next Spring Information Meeting will be held on May 24, 2017 and will start at 7:00 pm.  Please plan to attend and find out what’s going on in River Pines.



River Pines is managed by McShane & Associates, Inc. and handles the day-to-day administration of the association. Most of your questions or concerns can be handled by contacting their office.

In a condominium association, the Board of Directors establishes the policies, sets the budget and then directs the management firm to carry them out.

Annual Meeting of the Members


The Annual Association Meeting is held in September of each year at the Farmington Hills Costick Center on 11 mile road. Prior to the meeting we will let members know how many board seats are up for election and other issues that may be considered.

Living in River Pines


“Just wanted to share our thoughts about the professional job that Pasko & Tony and their crew from American Euro Painting, Inc. are doing. They spent several days scraping the entire units, caulking, and replacing wood before ever starting to paint. They are methodical, neat,and very hard workers taking great pride in their workmanship. The quality of paint being used gives a rich appearance, especially the front door and garage.  Read more from neighbors