Tornado Watch

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A tornado watch means conditions are favorable for tornados to develop. Take precautions to protect your property and yourself.

  • Account for family members.
  • Move vehicles into the garage.
  • Keep house and car keys with you.
  • If time permits, move outside furniture inside.
  • Keep you radio or TV tuned to the weather reports.
  • Have emergency storm kit prepared to include candles, matches, transistor radio, flashlight, batteries and simple first aid items in waterproof containers,
  • Be prepared to act quickly.


A tornado warning (sirens) means a tornado actually has been sighted.

  • Seek shelter immediately.
  • Take emergency storm kit.

At Home

  • Go to basement under something sturdy or –
  • Go to a room in the middle of the house (a closet or bathroom).
  • Stay away from outside walls and windows.

At Work or School

  • Go to designated shelter areas.
  • Stay away from large open rooms and windows.
  • Lie low with hands covering back of your head.

Shopping Malls

  • Go to designated shelter areas or to center of the building on the lower level.
  • Stay away from large open rooms and windows.
  • Never seek shelter in cars in the parking lot.