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2023 Annual Meeting

Fellow River Pines Co-Owners,

On September 26, 2023, River Pines had their Annual Meeting, and I would like to welcome back Anrico Casadei, Vice President; Edwin Klosterhaus, Treasurer; Matt Prosoli, At-large, and welcome our newest Board members Karen Kloote, Secretary; Pat Kelly, Assistant Treasurer; and Deanna Gaffney, At-large.
Our recent project of gutter curb repair has been completed.

Asphalt paving is scheduled for the spring of 2024 on the last two streets that have not been done yet. Presently, our Roofing Consultant is examining the integrity of our roofs by checking the roofing shingles and going into the attic area to check the wood structure. This is to prepare for new roofs in the near future. Our current project is preparing the 2024 Budget which is just getting underway.

We look forward to a great year with new ideas and fresh goals. The Board plans to keep our residents informed of our progress and will be looking forward to requesting volunteers for our committees in the future. The Board will do their best and work hard for all our co-owners and execute their fiduciary responsibility to the best of their ability.

Bernadine Horan,
President, River Pines

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September 16, 2023

As usual, we have many projects planned for this summer. We are painting units, replacing trees lost during the ice/snowstorms