Holiday Decorations (June 2016)

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Mini-outdoor lights with roping may be hung on decks and a wrought iron fence or gate. Mini-outdoor lights on garages or statuary may be used but may not infringe upon neighbors. Please use good judgment with holiday decorations. No inflatable decorations are allowed.

Only trees immediately adjacent to the unit may be decorated using mini-outdoor lights or other signs of the season. No wiring may cross concrete sidewalks or driveways.

Matching wreaths may be hung from the garage lights as long as they do not obscure address numbers. A single wreath may be hung on the side of the unit or above the garage door, and a nail in the wooden portion of the structure is pre-approved for such a wreath.

Christmas holiday decorations should not be displayed prior to the day after Thanksgiving, and should be removed by January 6th. There are of course other holidays, and co-owners wishing to observe them should be guided by the above rules and the requirement that decorations not be installed unreasonably in advance of the appointed holiday nor left in place afterward. Co-owners are invited to contact the Association if they have any questions, and to submit a Grounds Alteration Request to seek approval of holiday decorations not referred to above.

Seasonal garage flags may be used at the discretion of the co-owner but must be in good repair.