Window/Doorwall Replacement

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Weathervane Windows of Brighton, Michigan manufactured the unit windows. Unfortunately they have gone out of business. Therefore, the Association and the membership no longer have a manufacturer’s window warranty.

Co-owners wishing to upgrade their window/door walls must obtain advance written Board approval by submitting a written request. All windows in a unit need not be replaced.

The Board will grant approval if the upgrade windows are similar in exterior appearance to the present window, professionally installed and carry a minimum 10 year warranty and the co-owner executes Consent to Alteration Agreement which shall be recorded with the Oakland County Register of Deeds. (All costs of the windows and installation will be at the co-owner’s expense and the co-owner will assume liability for normal maintenance, repair and replacement of such windows. In case of failure or damage to an upgrade window, the co-owner will pay the excess over the cost of replacement of the original windows.)