Emergency Unit Entry by Association

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Article VI, Section 11 of the Bylaws of the River Pines of Farmington Condominium state that in emergencies, the Association shall have the right to enter a unit and the co-owner shall provide that access.

Each co-owner shall register with the Management Company the telephone number of their place of employment and/or the name of a friend or relative who could be reached in an emergency. This would, hopefully, eliminate the need to forcibly enter a unit to effect emergency repairs. Damage caused by forcible entry for emergency repairs will be repaired at the expense of the co-owner.

When it is necessary to enter a unit in the absence of the co-owner, i.e., only in the case of emergencies, it shall be done by at least two (2) people. The policy of two people entering a unit in emergencies is intended to protect all parties. The only exception to this policy would be in case of extreme emergencies, such as fire, flood or the threat of fire/flood. We encourage giving a key to a neighbor.