Deck Maintenance/Replacement

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The Association will be responsible for repair or replacement of the front entrance deck as follows:

  • Replace deck wood that has splintered, cracked or otherwise deteriorated such that the deck’s structural integrity is compromised.
  • Apply association approved deck stain (wood preservative) material every 3 years to maintain the deck appearance and to extend the life of the wood.

Also see “Deck /Patio Construction” under Rules and Regulations Sub Menu

The Association will not be responsible the following:

  • Decks other than the front entrance deck.
  • Deck modifications such as: enlargement, hand rails, additional steps or other discretionary changes. (Modifications require approval of the Architectural Committee)
  • Deck board or railing replacement due to cosmetic appearance.
  • Damage caused by the co-owner or guests (Refer to the Master Deed, Article IV, Section d for further clarification of damage by the co-owner.)