Trash & Recycling

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There are reasons the association has a trash policy:

  • The appearance of our site contributes to the value and marketability of out units.
  • Trash is to placed in secure containers to prevent animals from getting into the bags or containers and distributing trash around the complex.

THEREFORE, the Association Trash Policy is as follows:

There are three types of rubbish services in place:

1. Regular Rubbish

City employees or contractors pick up your regular rubbish, consisting of a mixture of garbage and trash every Wednesday except holidays. Rubbish is to be set out at the end of your driveway between 6PM on Tuesday and 7 am on Wednesday in the following containers:

  • Metal or Plastic Containers – Must not be less than 10 gallons or more than 32 gallons in capacity and should be watertight with handles and tight-fitting lids. Total weight of containers and contents must not exceed 60 pounds. Please do not fill containers above the rims.
  • Plastic Bags – Must not be less than 10 gallons or more than 30 gallons in capacity and not less than two mils in thickness. Total weight of bag and contents must not exceed 40 pounds. Bags should be tied or otherwise secured to prevent trash from being blown or scattered around the Condominium.

These requirements for the size of containers and the thickness of plastic bags are Farmington Hills city regulations. For more information contact: or call 248-871-2850

2. Recycling

(Green Bin with yellow top) This program came into existence due to State and Federal mandates. This service pertains to weekly pickup on Wednesday utilizing your green plastic container to dispose of bottles, cans, plastic, paper, etc. For more info contact: , 248-208-2270 or obtain a current recycling guide from the city hall.

3. Yard Waste

Yard Waste is collected April through November. Yard Waste consists of items such as flowers, grass, dirt, leaves and bundled brush. Branches are not to exceed 6 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length, or 60 lbs. in weight per bundle. These items must be in a rigid 32 gallon container marked YARD WASTE or in paper yard waste bags. The yard bags are available at local retailers, as well as the City of Farmington Hills DPW and Southfield DPW. Rubbish is to be curbside at 7:00 am on Wednesday, but not before 6PM the day before pick-up. Bulk items such as appliances and furniture need only be placed at the curb on your regular pick-up day by 7:00 am.

Rubbish will not be collected on the following Holidays:

  • New Years Day Labor Day
  • Memorial Day Thanksgiving
  • 4th of July Christmas Day

It the holiday falls during the week, your rubbish will be picked up a day later than usual. For example, Wednesday’s trash will be picked up Thursday and Thursday collections will be picked up on Friday. For a more detailed list of regulations, please call the Division of Public Works, 248-553-8580

If you must put your trash out early (but not before 6PM the day before pick-up), please use your sturdy, 32 gallon container. (Animals get into plastic bags and leave a mess.) Ask your neighbor to put it out when you are not home. Also, ask a neighbor to put your cans and recycling tub away when you are not home on trash day. Don’t let it be a signal to a thief you are not home.

Make sure your trash containers are picked up and returned to the garage Wednesday night. Farmington Hills regulations require that all containers must be removed from the curb no later than 12 hours following collection. Leaving this container out over night can pose a security problem.