Alterations of Common Elements & Unit Appearance

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Condominium Bylaws, Article VI Section 3 strictly governs all alterations of any common element (limited or general) and the exterior appearance of a unit. Virtually any type of alteration to the limited or general common elements will require the advance written approval of the Board of Directors. Permits may also be required for some significant interior modifications. Failure to comply with these restrictions can expose the co-owner to monetary fines and legal proceedings, which, if successful, will result in the recovery of all legal fees from the co-owner in violation.

In order to standardize the handling of all approval requests, the Board has established a policy which requires that the requesting co-owner complete and execute a recordable agreement at the time the request is first submitted. The only way the Board communicates its grants of approvals is by executing this agreement. This avoids disputes as to whether approval was or was not actually given. The agreement serves additional purposes. It imposes all future liabilities involving the alteration on the co-owner of the unit. The agreement may be recorded with the Oakland County Register of Deeds so as to bind future co-owners of the unit if the Board deems it appropriate under the circumstances.


  • A co-owner may install Beige storm door. A brass kick plate is allowed.
  • The only Association approved storm doors are:
    • Trapp Model # 108 (one piece glass or screen) beige color only
    • Trapp Model # 108 Self Storing (two piece glass and screen) beige color only.
    • Fox Weldoor # 108 (one piece glass or screen) beige color only.
    • Fox Weldoor # 21-SS-08 Self Storing (two piece glass and screen) beige color only
    • Larson brand, Tradewinds Clear Fullview, Retractable Screen Storm Door almond color only.
  • The co-owner has full responsibility for maintenance, repair and replacement of the door, glass, screen, hardware, weather stripping and door closer
  • A co-owner may install additional electrical outlets at the rear of the unit. These outlets may not be tied in with the common electricity. Any co-owners who are found to be in violation of this regulation will be responsible for restoring the common electricity wiring. The Association will hire a contractor to restore the wiring. The co-owner found in violation will be responsible for the cost incurred.
  • A co-owner may install frost-free water spigots to the unit. The Association will have no responsibility for these spigots.
  • A co-owner may install lighting on porches and along the sidewalk between the sidewalk and the garage, around the patio or deck in the rear of the unit at their own risk.  Front Light Sensor. Any sensor that inserts into the current light fixture at the front entrance is allowed without approval.