Vehicles and Parking

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Our Bylaws state the restrictions for parking automobiles within the confines of our complex. They briefly state that NO vehicles are to be parked overnight on ANY street, between the hours of 12:00 am and 7:00 am. Guest parking is permitted on some streets within proper guidelines. No parking of any kind (guests, visitors, etc.) is permitted on River Pine Court, Red Pine Drive, Silver Ridge Court and Court Ridge Court because of their narrow width.

Out-of-town guests must park within the driveway of their host. Street parking for out-of-town guests will be limited and only with the written permission of the Board of Directors. Co-owners are asked to avoid parking in the street and in the driveway during winter months

Vehicles shall not be parked in a driveway under any covering for protection from the elements. No driveway parking is allowed for any commercial vehicle owned or operated by a co-owner. These vehicles must be parked in the garage. Trailers or recreational type vehicles cannot be parked in the driveway.

If compliance is impossible, the co-owner may request, in writing, assistance from the Board to try to solve this problem.

Failure to comply with the regulations regarding no overnight parking on the street will result in a violation being issued which could result in fines if not corrected in a timely manner, usually within 1 week of notification.