Resale Procedures (June 2016)

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When selling a unit, the co-owner shall follow these procedures:

  1. Each co-owner, as a courtesy, should notify the Management Company of an intention to sell his or her unit.
  2. The co-owner may display signs only under the following criteria:
    • One (1) “For Sale” sign within the unit.
    • One (1) “Open House” sign may be displayed outside in reasonable proximity to the subject unit, but only while someone is in attendance at the unit and for a maximum of six (6) hours per day.
    • During an Open House, one (1) “Open House” sign may be displayed at each entrance of River Pines, but only while someone is in attendance at the unit and only for a maximum of six (6) hours per day.
    • All signs shall be of size and height so as to conform to local ordinances. In the absence of an ordinance restricting size, the sign shall not exceed 24 inches by 36 inches. The sign content shall be limited to:
      • “For Sale” statement
      • Telephone number of owner or agent
  3. All obligations to the Association must be satisfied prior to closing. In the event of delinquency or default, remedies will be pursued in accordance with Article XI Section 1 of the River Pines of Farmington Condominium Bylaws.
  4. When establishing contact with the purchaser, the Management Company will remind the purchaser of information that the purchaser should have received: Master Deed, Bylaws, Handbook, and certificate of Association insurance.
  5. Any communication regarding the resale of a unit shall be in writing and directed to the Board of Directors of the Association through the current Management Company.