Mail Station Signs, Notices, Ads

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No signs, notices, advertisements or other written or pictorial communications of any kind or nature shall be posted or in any way attached to or placed in conjunction with the mailbox structures on the Condominium premises except:

  • Notices of meetings of the Members of the Association and other meetings, social affairs and activities of the Association, including, but not limited to, the Annual and Town Hall meetings of the Members of the Association and social and sporting events sponsored by the Association.
  • Official notices of emergencies relating to the health and safety of co-owners and the protection, maintenance and preservation of Common Elements.

No notices of a personal nature or advertisements for any personal, commercial or political enterprise or activity shall be permitted.

Except for notices which are required by the Condominium Documents, the Law or the nature of an emergency to be posted for a longer period, no notice shall remain posted for a period of more than 3 days.