Hot Tub/Spa Installation

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The Board of Directors reserves the right to review each request on an individual basis and to adjust requirements in order to assure the aesthetic appearance and safety for residents.

No hot tub, spa or similar device shall be permitted unless in compliance with all of the following:

Application Process

Prior to installation, the co-owner shall present the following in writing to the Architectural Control Committee for approval:

  1. The location of the hot tub.
  2. The size of the hot tub.
  3. Specifications for installation by the manufacturer.
  4. Specifications for installation by the installer.
  5. The location for entry for any wiring or water line.
  6. Written consent signed by the co-owners of each adjoining unit.
  7. A certificate of liability insurance evidencing policy limit of at least one (1) million dollars per occurrence, naming the Association as an additional insured under the policy.

Installation Process

  1. All such installations shall be required to be performed only by licensed and insured tradesmen in accordance with all applicable City, State and Federal codes, laws, ordinances and regulations.
  2. The deck itself must be reinforced to enable it to carry the additional weight.
  3. All electrical installations and wiring in connection with the hot tub must conform to the Michigan Electrical Code as adopted by the State of Michigan.
  4. The hot tub or spa shall be completely enclosed by fencing (deck railing) not less than four (4) feet from the ground. If the deck has any steps, a gate is required and must be of a self-latching type with the latch on the inside of the gate. The gate must be capable of, and kept securely locked when the hot tub is not in use.
  5. The hot tub or spa must have a lid with a key lock and the lid must be locked when the tub is not being used.
  6. No tub or spa shall be drained upon the common elements; drainage discharge lines shall connect directly into an existing plumbing drain.