Awning Installations

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The Board will allow co-owners who wish to install an awning on their unit to do so based on the following guidelines:

  1. The Board of Directors reserves the right to review each request on an individual basis and will render their decision on awning placement.
  2. A drawing must be submitted showing the location and size of the proposed awning(s). Contact McShane Mgmt for a drawing of your unit model..
  3. The Board will only approve a retractable awning, preferably as manufactured by Marygrove Awning of Livonia..
  4. The Board will only approve a linen fabric as provided by Marygrove Awnings of Livonia.
  5. Prior to the installation, the co-owner must submit to the Board a detailed drawing which reflects the size and the exact location where the awning is to be placed.
  6. The co-owner will be required to utilize a reputable company, preferable Marygrove Awning of Livonia, for the awning installation. The contractor is required to be insured.
  7. The co-owner must comply with all city and state guidelines relative to installation and use. Permits, where required, shall be obtained.
  8. The co-owner will be responsible for all maintenance, repair and replacement of the awning, as well as any damages incurred to the building and grounds as a result of the installation and removal.
  9. Window awnings can extend no further than three (3) feet from the unit window.
  10. Door wall/deck awnings can extend no further than ten (10) feet from the unit door wall.

Photos of existing awnings: