Animals – Pets

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The subject of keeping pets has become a highly emotional issue at many condominiums and they have been banned at some. Residents owning pets must realize that their pets can become a nuisance to their neighbors if not properly controlled.

All animals must be registered as specified by city ordinances. In brief, dog controls are thoroughly covered in a City ordinance which mandates all persons must keep dogs under reasonable control. In addition, sanitation is prescribed. The owners of animals shall immediately remove all droppings and properly dispose of them by use of a “pooper scooper” or plastic bag which will be carried by the owner when walking the dog.

As stated in Article VI, Section 5 of the Condominium Bylaws, no pets shall be maintained by any co-owner which would be considered savage or dangerous to other pets or co-owners. If any animal displays dangerous or aggressive behavior toward any human being or other animal kept as a pet, that animal will be considered in violation of the subject Bylaw and subject to removal from the complex and all other remedies permitted under the Bylaws or otherwise under Michigan law.

Complaints concerning animal management and violations shall be made in a signed and dated written complaint submitted to the Management Company.

  • All pets, while on the limited/general common elements, must be leashed and accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • No animal kept as a pet shall be left unattended outdoors.
  • Barking nuisance in or out of doors will not be permitted.
  • Property damage is the liability of the pet owner.
  • Enforcement—a system of warnings, fines and legal recourse may be set by the Board of Directors.