Front Door & Doorwall Maintenance

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The Association will be responsible for repair or replacement of the front door and door wall(s) as follows:

  • Front doors and door walls will be stained or painted in accordance with the unit painting schedule, i.e. every 6 years.
  • Replacement of front door weather stripping due to cracking, peeling, etc. Deterioration must be sufficient as to allow air or water to enter the unit.
  • Replacement of door hardware that have deteriorated due to normal wear and tear.
  • Doors will be replaced based on metal cladding or wood frame deterioration including forced entry. (See forced entry below.)

The Association shall not be responsible the following:

  • Doors requiring replacement due to co-owner directed or initiated forced entries and welfare check investigation entry by police or fire personnel.
  • The Association is not responsible for the maintenance or repair of the unit entry door from the garage area.
  • The Association is not responsible for maintenance, repair or replacement of dead bolt locks, door locks or door knobs/handles.
  • Damage caused by the co-owner or guests (Refer to the Master Deed, Article IV, Section d for further clarification of damage by the co-owner.