August 22, 2019

Greetings River Piners. A few months ago all co-owners received a ballot for voting on eight proposed changes to our Bylaws. The deadline for voting was August 13, and I regret to report that not enough ballots were submitted to allow any of the proposals to pass. So for now the Bylaws stay as they are. I’d like to thank all those co-owners who voted, and especially to thank those Board members and other co-owners who made an effort to encourage their friends and neighbors to participate.

At the Spring meeting in May, we discussed the proposed changes to the Bylaws. The first proposal would have removed the Association liability for “incidental” damages (the word incidental is in quotes because it does have a specific legal meaning). This would have changed only the way that responsibility for damages would be divided between a co-owner’s insurance policy and the Association policy; the change would have simplified the situations when incidental damages occur, and have been a fairer way for damages to be assessed.

In thinking about a situation like this, please note that the Association and the co-owners are not adversaries. The Association is the just the mechanism by which all of the co-owners act as a group. This is not a pure democracy, in which all co-owners participate in all decisions, but our Bylaws define a Board of Directors to be elected volunteers who manage the Association in the best interests of the co-owners. The actions of the Association are made on your behalf by those you have chosen; and in addition to electing Board members, you are welcome to offer suggestions, comments, and complaints to any and all Directors; all communications are taken seriously. So when the Board made the recommendation to vote in favor of all eight Bylaws changes, it was with the intent to improve River Pines, for all co-owners.

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