April 7, 2019

Greetings River Piners. In the first few Board meetings this year, we’ve renewed our contract with our management company, McShane and Associates, for another three year term. Given the performance and reliability of McShane, it was an easy decision. The Board also agreed to proceed with FHA recertification (required every two years), and approved contracts for irrigation system maintenance, spring flower installation, and gutter cleaning.

A new edition of the River Pines Handbook and Directory is at the publisher, and you should receive a copy soon. The Handbook will include the complete text of all rules and regulations, and so this newest edition will replace any old versions that you may have.

Dates have been set for our two Association meetings this year. At the Spring meeting, on May 29, we’ll review the proposed Bylaws changes one more time, and begin the co-owner voting on those changes. We’ll also have a visit and presentation by Farmington Hills crime prevention officers.

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